About Us

We have been producing all types of videos and movies since 1986

Around 2004 (under a different company name) we produced a DVD that allowed people to send us their child's photo and we would cut around the head and place that on a computer generated body, this would then dance to nursery rhymes.

At the time of production we didn't know that adults would also want to have their heads on the video, for whatever reason they had; we were glad that our video made people happy.

The reason why we have started to produce personalised videos again is because of one email we got when we were selling the nursery rhymes video, the email simply read:

"Thank you so much for the video, our family all love it, it is great to see my daughter on screen dancing.
Because she was born with a condition that means she'll never walk.
You don't know how much this means to us.
Thank you"

We had no idea the affect the video would have, that email took our breath away and then I could see that other disabled or adults with learning difficulties also bought the video.

This time we didn't just want a video full of dancing, we wanted a full story for each video, something the viewer could watch over and over.

'What would you do in this ....... story?' was the basis of the video, each video would be something different, this would allow a customer to buy a few different ones, giving the child (or adult) a choice.

We hope you like the concept and if you buy one we would love to hear your feedback, good or bad, so we can improve if possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The team at The Gift Kingdom