Pre-order now,  released 1st November 2020. Any age or colour is fine with this product, it's targeted at the male customer, but we are also producing a woman comic book very soon. 

WOW.  Now you can be a start in your very own comic book.

We don't just add your name in the book.

We don't just add a picture of you (or someone you know).

We actually animate the photo to match what is going on in the comic!  This is totally unique to The Gift Kingdom.

This is the perfect gift for someone, or you might just want it for yourself!

Below are some examples to show how we make your face actions come to life in the book.

Original photo, below

Open mouth effect - below

Mouth smile - below

Please note the photo you send in will turned into a comic book style. see image below.

The story:

You (or whoever you want in the book) can't stop helping others, but you are nothing special, you have no skills or powers, but the joy you bring to others is amazing.

You are unaware of someone called Sophie who has been creating potions for most of her life.

These potions have different effects, but she just needs some funding to finish them properly.

One day while you're out and about you notice her doing something that looks illegal, you follow her.......

(Find out what happens when you get the comic book).

What you need to do:

We need a front facing picture, see below for more details.

We also need a name to add in the book, it can just be the first name or full name if you want, if you don't want to put a name we will create one for you.

The option to add the name is on the checkout page when you order.

We will try to match the skin colour.

What you'll receive when you buy it

You will receive a paperback comic book with 24 sides in colour.

This will be posted to your address in a "Do not bend" envelope. It will NOT fit through a letter box, so you might get a card in your door from Royal Mail.

The name and photo you choose will be used throughout the comic book. 

The price includes delivery.

We do not share your details with anyone else nor do we share the comic book you are in with anyone else.

If you have any questions please either visit our F.A.Q page (click here)  or you can use our live chat feature at the bottom right of the screen.

You can also use the contact us page.

We can only post physical products to the UK, but digital products like a digital version of a poster or the videos we sell can be emailed to anyone in any country.

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